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CORAfrica - Children of Rural Africa

Welcome to Children of Rural Africa

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corafrica_logo_largeChildren of Rural Africa (CORAfrica) is a 501(c)3  non-profit organization dedicated to providing basic educational opportunities and economic and humanitarian assistance for impoverished rural African children and their families.

We are a child-friendly organization, committed to building a meaningful future for children through quality education, health-related assistance, agricultural advancement and economic security.

We encourage families, especially women, raising children in rural areas in Africa to develop sustainable livelihoods through local credit building founded on the philosophy that poor people are credit worthy.

We are determined to counteract abusive acts of exploitation of children such as child enslavement, child trafficking,  child labor and physical abuse.



CORAfrica-Nigeria is formally ratified with the Nigerian Government as an NGO and recognized by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC): Registration Number CAC/IT 40479/374118.




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